About the company - Elenix

In order to provide products that contribute to the advancement of society and meet user needs, Elenix believes that creativity and action represent powerful support for the formation of an affluent and compassionate society.

Although the conventional market image of Small Hole EDM Drilling is of machines that create the start holes for wire electric discharge machining, Elenix is aiming to break out of this image by developing high-level and high-precision products that are easy to use, and Small Hole EDM Drilling that can be used for component machining.

As a result, our Small Hole EDM Drilling are widely used in the component machining market, both in Japan and overseas, and particularly in the United States.

We have also developed models that are capable of fully automated machining of ultra-fine holes.

Based on our company principles of creativity and action, Elenix is proceeding with research and development that will ensure that we can provide products that produce greater value.