History of the company

1985MayElenix was established in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Sept.The corporate structure was changed, and the company Elenix, Inc. was established.
1986Jan.Delivered the first Small Hole EDM Drilling.
AprilBegan OEM supply of Small Hole EDM Drilling to Amada Co., Ltd.
1988Jan.Reached 100 Small Hole EDM Drilling manufactured and sold.
1989Sept.Began exports to Southeast Asia.
1991JuneReached 300 Small Hole EDM Drilling manufactured and sold.
Nov.Established the Head Office building and relocated to Komatsubara, Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Dec.Began sales of CNC Small Hole EDM Drilling.
1992JulyCollaborated with the US company Current EDM Inc. to form a key center overseas.
Sept.Began exhibitions at the Chicago Show.
1993AprilIncreased capital to 15 million yen.
1994Sept.Began sales of fully automated (electrode change, guide change) CNC Small Hole EDM Drilling.
1995MayBegan sales of the CT500A large-size CNC Small Hole EDM Drilling.
1997AprilBegan sales of the CT500F immersion-type fully automated large-size Small Hole EDM Drilling.
1998MarchReached 1,000 Small Hole EDM Drilling manufactured and sold.
1999Oct.Began sales of the CT900FX large-size CNC Small Hole EDM Drilling.
2000Nov.Began sales of the CT300FX/E-CNC/SF02 micro hole (f0.1 – 0.05 mm) drilling EDM.
2001Jan.Began sales of E-CNC new CNC system with 7-axis control.
Began sales of the CT500FX/E-CNC/ESF Small Hole EDM Drilling.
Sept.Began sales of the RT250-20 and RT120N-5 immersion-type tilt-turn table.
Dec.Began sales of the CT1600FX/ESF-24 large-size CNC Small Hole EDM Drilling.
2002Jan.Began sales of the CT300FX/E-CNC/SF02FX micro hole drilling EDM with electrode change unit supporting electrodes as small as f0.03 mm.
JulyBegan sales of multi-head component Small Hole EDM Drilling.
Oct.Joined the Japan Machine Tool Builders’ Association.
2003AprilBegan sales of ultra-fine hole f30 micron continuous drilling machines.
2004MayBegan sales of Small Hole EDM Drilling with fully automated L/UL robot.
2005Jan.Began sales of spark plasma sintering machines.
AprilReceived the 30th Matsubara Invention Award.
MayBegan sales of the ESF36 automated electrode change system.
2006Aug.Began sales of immersion-type 5-axis tilt-turn tables.
Oct.Began sales of the CT32P ultra-precise hole drilling EDM.
2007Oct.Began sales of the ST300U+R 3D robot component machining center.
Began sales of the MH6-1 fully automated Small Hole EDM Drilling for 7-axis machining of swaged holes.
(Capable of hole diameters from 0.03 — 0.2 mm.)
2008JuneBegan sales of the ESF48 automated electrode change system.
2009MarchBegan sales of the CT2072FX ultra-large size CNC Small Hole EDM Drilling with rotating head.
Sept.Began sales of the CT1200FX large-size CNC Small Hole EDM Drilling.
2010Oct.Began sales of the GT Series of micro EDM.
Began sales of the GT400EUX CNC micro hole EDM conforming to CE Standards.

Began sales of high-speed spark multi-plasma sintering machines.