электроискровой станок супердрель для прошивки отверстий
Machining range (X × Y)
1600 × 700mm
Electrode diameter
φ0.3 ∼ φ3.0mm
Immersion machining in water
Machining immersed in water reduces the effects of heat.


LH-35θ / LH-45θ rotating head (NC-B axis)

Machining can be performed by angling the electrode while the workpiece remains fixed.

RT500N-100 immersion titl-turn table (NC-AB axes)

When used in combination with the CT1600FX, this immersion tilt-turn axis system is ideal for machining of polygon micro holes.

ESF24 or ESF36 / ESF48 automated electrode change system

Electrodes are changed automatically, for long-term unmanned operation with no wasted time.

GSF4 or GSF6 automated guide change system

Electrode guides are changed automatically for fully automated machining of holes with different diameters.

Delivers the largest machining area of any product in Japan, while maintaining the same machining performance as a compact machine.

Machining fluidDI water
Work table size (W × D)(mm)950 × 780
Machining tank size (W × D)(mm)1300 × 1250
Left-right (X) and front-back (Y) movement distance(mm)1600 × 710
Workpiece maximum load weight(kg)1000
Main shaft up-down movement distance(mm)450
Electrode guide up-down movement distance(mm)550
Maximum distance between work table and guide(mm)930
Diameter of installed electrodes(mm)φ0.3 ∼ φ3.0 (△φ3.1 ∼ φ6.5)
Maximum length of installed electrodes(mm)500 / 450 – when ESF is used (MT50)


List of other options
Column extensionExtends the distance between the work table and guide.
CWP150Machining fluid circulation system (1500 L)
DI water supply system that improves performance during high-precision machining.
Operation lamps3-color signal lamps (Ready / Auto / Alarm)
KC177Machining fluid cooling system
Hand pulserAllows axis feed and positioning with the manual handle.