GT Series

The immersion tilt-turn system allows fully automated machining of complex shapes (blaces) with a single program.

электроискровой (электроэрозионный станок-супердрель серия gt


Automatically corrects for electrode wear while moving along the path.

GT Series of high-speed water electric discharge machines (EDM)

  • Capable of an extremely broad range of hole machining (triangular holes, square holes, trapezoidal holes, polygonal holes, elongated holes, slits, others).
  • Low costs are achieved through the use of commercially-available single-pipe electrodes. (An electrode for each shape is not necessary.)
  • Development of the original Elenix software system makes DI water immersion machining possible.
  • Immersion machining reduces temperature fluctuations.
  • Crackless machining
  • Small modified layer machining

Super-stable automated continuous machining

  • Multi-hole machining is possible with the use of an automated electrode and guide change system.
    Option: The automated electrode changes system can accommodate up to 60 installed electrodes and a maximum electrode length of 450 mm.
  • Machining of a broad range of hole shapes is possible with the automated guide change system.
    Option: The guide change system can accommodate up to 6 installed guides and a maximum guide length of 200 mm (proven results).
  • The immersion tilt-turn system allows fully automated machining of complex shapes (such as turbine blades) with a single program.

High-precision machining

  • Simply enter the shape angle, machining depth, open-angle, and other factors into the machining program to perform continuous machining of holes with the same shape regardless of the shape of the workpiece.
  • A range of high-resolution shape parameters can be set.
  • Accuracy of the shape angles (Verified by measurement of cross-section photographs.)
  • Attractive finish following shape machining.

Crackless, small modified layer

  • Configure the machining condition settings to achieve crackless machining with a small modified layer.