High-speed spark multi-plasma sintering machine

высокоскоростная установка электроискрового плазменного спекания

An essential tool for new material development

High-speed spark plasma sintering creates sintered compacts from a variety of powders. It is capable of sintering powdered beryllium, aluminum, titanium, molybdenum, and other materials which are difficult to sinter by conventional methods. It can also easily sinter ultra-hard alloys and non-metallic material such as carbon and fine ceramics – a process which previously required much time. Ed-Pas is able to create special alloys from a variety of powders, perform weld shaping at the same time when sintering powders, and perform other services that are essential when developing materials for a new age.


  • This system applies pressure and electricity from 5 directions simultaneously.
  • It can sinter plates of up to 200 mm × 100 mm × 10 – 20 mm in size.
  • It can sinter 2 materials (up to 100 mm2 or φ100 mm) simultaneously.
  • Because the particles are activated by plasma discharge, it creates sintered compacts with superior electromagnetic and mechanical characteristics.
  • It can sinter metals, non-metals, ceramics, nano materials, and others in a short time.
  • A high-speed, quiet drive pump and booster pump are used for evacuation.
  • The use of high-precision and compact AC servo motor hydraulic pumps allows the system to deliver overall energy savings.

Material during sinter bonding
(100mm × 200mm)

Aluminum sintering sample
(Maximum size 100mm × 200mm)

Copper sintering sample
(Maximum size: 100mm × 200mm)

Maximum pressurizing force(KN)400
  • Upper ram (2 shafts): 75 / Lower ram: 75
  • Left/right: 60 each
PAS current(A)5,000
Maximum electrical power(A)15,000
Maximum input(KVA)300
Maximum service temperature(℃)2,000
Temperature measurement device 
  • Fiber-type radiation thermometer (× 1)
  • Sheath-type CA thermocouple (max. 1,000℃) (× 4)
  • Wire-type WRe thermocouple (max. 2,000℃) (× 4)
Coolant 0.2 – 0.3 MPa, minimum 20 L/min
Sintering atmosphere Atmosphere, vacuum, inert gas
External dimensions of vacuum chamber(mm)700 (width) × 520 (depth) × 540 (height)
Sintering atmosphere Atmosphere, vacuum, gas atmosphere
System configuration
  1. Special PAS power source
  2. Cooling vacuum chamber unit
  3. High-speed evacuation unit
  4. Automatic pressurizing control unit
  5. Sintering temperature control unit
  6. Hydraulic servo unit
  7. Waveform display and recording unit