This simple, general-purpose machine was designed for machining of start holes for wire cutting. It offers easy operation without complex settings, and an optional rotating head can also be attached.

универсальный электроискровой станок-супердрель с ручным управлением JT300
Machining range (X × Y)
300 × 200mm
Electrode diameter
φ0.3 ∼ φ3.0mm
Work table size (W × D)(mm)300 × 300
Machining tank size (W × D)(mm)520 × 350
Workpiece maximum load weight(kg)100
Left-right (X) and front-back (Y) movement distance(mm)300 × 200
Main shaft up-down movement distance(mm)300
Electrode guide up-down movement distance(mm)280
Maximum distance between work table and guide(mm)305
Diameter of installed electrodes(mm)φ0.3 ∼ φ3.0
Maximum length of installed electrodes(mm)400
Machining fluidDI water or special water-based fluid
CWP05Machining fluid tank (50 L)
Machining fluid tank with machining fluid filter
Rotating headLeft/right rotation angle: ±60° (manual)