MH6-1 nozzle hole drilling EDM

This 5-axis NC Small Hole EDM Drilling can efficiently produce micro holes for small-size mass production components.

Электроискровая (електроэрозийная) супердрель для прошивки отверстий в соплах MH6-1


Equipped as standard with a high-precision NC tilt-turn system.

Электроискровой (электроэрозионный) станок-супердрель для прошивки отверстий в соплах MH6-1
KC77Machining fluid cooling system
ESF2Electrode change system (2 electrodes)
GSF2Electrode guide change system (2 guides)
Machined hole testing systemInjection flow rate measurement and judgment
Machined hole analysis systemCCD image analysis system


  • Can freely support 2 different hole diameters.
  • Can be equipped with the quality management system needed for precision hole machining.
  • A NC system with 6-axis control is installed.
  • A slim body for space-saving, unrestricted layouts.
Left-right (X) and front-back (Y) movement distance(mm)100 × 80
Main shaft up-down movement distance(mm)200
Electrode guide up-down movement distance(mm)150
Table maximum rotation angle(deg)±360°
Rotating shaft maximum rotation angle(deg)+45° / -105°
Diameter of installed electrodes(mm)φ0.02 ∼ φ3.0
Maximum length of installed electrodes(mm)200
Table maximum load weight(kg)3
Machining fluidDI water