Unit products composed only of a machining lead and power control system.

электроискровой станок-супердрель с ручным управлением MT40LS II


  • Machines which you own but no longer use can be reborn as Small Hole EDM Drilling.
  • Attach these unit products to a large machine to easily machine holes in large workpieces.
  • They can be used for a broad range of applications, limited only by your level of innovation.
ConfigurationMachining headModel MT40LS II
Machining power and control systemModel MT40S
Main shaft up-down movement distance(mm)400
Electrode guide up-down movement distance(mm)280
Dimensions of installed electrodes(mm)φ0.3 ∼ φ3.0
Maximum length of installed electrodes(mm)400
Machining fluidDI water or special water-based fluid
CWP15Machining fluid circulation system (150 L)