Options for Shaped Hole EDM Machine

Automated electrode change system


  • Change by program
  • Automated change when electrode wear is detected
  • Capable of long-term automated operation

24 electrode magazine
36 electrode magazine
48 electrode magazine

Automated guide change system


Automated change based on program

GSF2 electrode guide: 2 guide change
GSF4 electrode guide: 4 guide change
GSF6 electrode guide: 6 guide change

Rotating head

Rotation angle: ±35θ
Rotation angle: ±35θ

Micro hole drilling machine

This micro hole drilling unit uses fine spark discharges
for efficient and optimal control.

Maximum machining current: 2 A

Immersion tilt-turn system


3D positioning utilizes program control and A and B axis motors.

RT120N-5 maximum load weight: 5 kg
RT250N-20 maximum load weight: 20 kg

Immersion tilt-turn system


This immersion tilt-turn system supports large-size workpieces
with weights up to 100 kg.

Maximum load weight: 60 kg
Maximum load weight: 100 kg

Vibration suppressor system


This system stabilizes the electrode change operation
and improves machining accuracy.

Machining fluid supply system

This DI water supply system is essential
for high-precision machining.

Guide / Long guide

Select according to the application,
such as stainless steel, sapphire, or ceramic

Other Options

  • Immersion machining tank
  • Penetration detection function BTD-S
  • Booster power source BP20
  • Extended column specifications
  • Hand pulser
  • Spray nozzle
  • Signal indicator lamps
  • Partner EX/EX2 – additives that help achieve the maximum machining speed
    (EX: Additive for high-speed machining EX2: Corrosion prevention additive)