Designed and manufactured to match the customer's workpiece shape and takt time.

электроискровая супердрель для массового производства PMT-II


  • Performs machining of holes with different diameters and angles without requiring adjustment of the workpiece installation.
  • Short cycle time.
No. of machining heads2
Machining head inclination angles(deg)Left head: -17/0   Right head: 0/+17 (only 2 positions each)
No. of machining stages1
Main shaft up-down movement distance(mm)435
Electrode guide up-down movement distance(mm)0 (fixed)
Diameter of installed electrodes(mm)φ0.3 ∼ φ3.0
Maximum length of installed electrodes(mm)435
Machining fluidSpecial water-based fluid
CWP15Machining fluid circulation system (150 L)
KC77Machining fluid cooling system
ESF24Electrode change system (24 electrodes)